Innovation. Genova has partnered with the TMC Innovation Institute to improve the way health is managed in the home.

As recognized by:

As recognized by:

Genova manages a portfolio of integrated solutions that leverage the best people and practices our industry has to offer. Together, we drive significantly better health outcomes for the individuals and organizations we serve.

Services for Families

Home Care & Skilled Nursing

Get a personalized home care plan managed by a dedicated nurse, an expert care coordinator and a trained, bonded, insured and W-2 employed caregiver.

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Care Management

Receive customized services to coordinate care, accompany you to medical appointments/procedures and advocate for your health care needs.

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Genova partners with healthcare institutions to stratify risk and empower front line home care workers to triage health concerns that lead to unnecessary hospitalizations, high healthcare costs, and threaten quality of patient life

Services for Institutions

Health Management

We partner with hospitals, senior living communities, primary care practices and other healthcare institutions to promote a patient’s quality of life and help manage their care in the “blind spots” between doctor visits.

Corporate Employee Benefits

As part of an employee benefit program, we partner with employers of all sizes to provide consultation and education for employees who work while also caring for an aging loved one (approximately 29% of the U.S. workforce).

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Better Care, Better Outcomes

Home care is a highly fragmented industry that has not yet benefitted from a consolidation of best practices that would ensure a better standard of care and better health outcomesGenova is changing that.

Lowest Rate of Medical Failures
Causing a Patient to be Sent Back to a Hospital*
Without Home Care - 25%
With Traditional Home Care - 16%
With Genova - 4%

*As reported by the American Hospital Association. Hospital Readmission Rates measure the percentage of patients that, upon discharge from a hospital, are readmitted to a hospital within 30 days.

Industry Leading Percentage of Clients
Who Recommend Our Services**

Industry Average


**Net Promoter Score, closely tracked by hospitals, is an index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of patients and their families to recommend a company’s services to others.
*** As reported by Home Care Pulse

By the Numbers


life-changing visits provided


clients safely avoided a hospital readmission


clients recommend our services


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