The High Cost of Hospital Readmissions

A hospital “readmission” is the return of a patient to a hospital within 30 days of being discharged from a hospital. Readmissions cost U.S. taxpayers and insurance companies billions of dollars each year. To combat this high cost, hospitals and other health systems are penalized for readmissions.

$17 billion

Annual Cost to U.S. Taxpayers of Preventable Patient Readmissions to Hospitals


Readmission Penalties Paid by Hospitals in 2015, up from $227 Million in 2014.


of Senior Hospitalizations are Preventable with Proper Care at Home

Proven Process

Step 1: Stratify Risk

Our home care experts will begin by stratifying a client’s risk profile at home and re-evaluating that risk on a regular basis

Step 2: Develop Care Plan

A home care expert will develop a customized care plan based on the client’s personalized risk profile.

Step 3: Clinically Manage Care

A dedicated team of experts will manage the care of each client according to the care plan. Each team consists of dedicated home care experts and the support of a nurse, all working together to improve outcomes.

Better Care, Better Outcomes

Home care is a highly fragmented industry that has not yet benefited from a consolidation of best practices that would ensure a better standard of care and better health outcomesGenova is changing that.

Our clients are hospitalized less*
Without Home Care - 25%
With Traditional Home Care - 16%
With Genova - 4%

*As reported by the American Hospital Association. Hospital Readmission Rates measure the percentage of patients that, upon discharge from a hospital, are readmitted to a hospital within 30 days.

Our Clients Recommend Us More**

Industry Average


**Measures the willingness of patients and their families to recommend a company’s services to others.
*** As reported by Home Care Pulse